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What are the advantages of Coverflex buoni pasto?

Coverflex buoni pasto allow all companies and freelancers to obtain tax benefits. All you need is a VAT number.

With Coverflex buoni pasto, companies can recover the amount regarding the incurred expenses, since the paid VAT will be fully deductible. Companies can deduct 100% for direct tax purposes with 4% VAT, which is also fully deductible. Freelancers can deduct 75% for direct taxes. There’s a VAT of 10%, which is fully deductible up to a maximum amount equal to 2% of turnover.

Furthermore, the amount of buoni pasto will not constitute employment income for the beneficiaries. This means that it will be exempt from tax, social security and welfare contributions, up to the total amount of €8.00 per day per person.

Coverflex offers a web platform and a mobile app (for Android and IOS) that allows for the management of balances independently.

At Coverflex we know your bill probably won’t be round. This is why, in addition, it is possible to add extra credits to your account to pay the missing sum when the buoni pasto do not reach the total amount. All in a single transaction, without having to use a second card or cash!

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