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What are "buoni pasto"?

Buoni pasto are a benefit provided by the company to its employees, they can be used to buy food at affiliated restaurants, bars, supermarkets and online delivery services.

They are a solution suitable for all companies, from freelancers to large companies, and it can be offered to all employees, either working remotely or at the office.

Thanks to its fiscal advantages, buoni pasto are a simple and convenient way to give a tangible benefit to your team:
* buoni pasto do not contribute to the overall income;
* Digital buoni pasto are fully deductible up to €8.00 per voucher;
* A 4% VAT rate is applied to buoni pasto. This amount is also fully deductible.

Coverflex buoni pasto are the simplest solution on the Italian market as they can be used in a large network of supermarkets and restaurants, both physical and online.

Coverflex buoni pasto are loaded by the company every month, on the Coverflex debit card. Buoni pasto guarantee numerous tax benefits for both the company and employees. They are 100% deductible with 4% VAT - this amount is also fully deductible for companies. For freelancers, they are up to 75% deductible with 10% VAT, which is also deductible. Moreover, they are exempt from personal income tax and social security tax up to the exemption threshold of €8.00.

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