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How can I submit a reimbursement request?

It's simple!

Follow these steps:

1. Pay the expense at any available entity, either online or in a physical store, using your personal debit/credit card (not the Coverflex card).
2. Request the invoice with the name and tax number of the beneficiary.
3. Upload a photo of the invoice, including the date and amount, to the Coverflex platform within the applicable benefit category.
4. If your company approves the refund, the corresponding amount will be transferred to the account with the IBAN you have provided within a maximum of two working days.

Please note the following: If the invoice information is not clearly visible, the invoice will not be accepted. If the tax information is incorrect, the refund request will not be accepted. If the amount requested for reimbursement is higher than the balance available in your benefits wallet, the platform will not accept it.

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